Post-pandemic Green Investment Opportunities in the Built Environment – messiah or mirage?

A report from the Ellen McArthur Foundation exploring green/ sustainable/ resiliant investment opportunities across key sectors of the Economy tells us what we already know about the Construction Sector.

The section of the Report which looks at the Built Environment (copy attached below) tells us what we already know from decades of “What is Wrong With the Construction Industry” reports from the Prophets of it’s demise: the pandemic has exposed the structural deficiencies of the built environment sector and has brought the spotlight to bear on the its ‘wasteful and resource-intensive’ business models.

Two key investment opportunities are identified:

  • Investing in renovating and upgrading buildings can provide comfortable, adaptable, and positive impact (low-carbon) results for the built environment sector.
  • Combined with building materials’ reuse and recycling infrastructure provides greater value circulation and secures effective use of resources which lowering the industry’s burden on virgin resource consumption.

Are they the ‘key opportunities’ that can help shape more resilient future built environments that are safe, comfortable, cost-effective, and aligned with environmental targets (as claimed by the report)?

Or are they just more of the same?

Worth a read…

Photo Credit to Alena Koval

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