Smart Cities: High Tech not always the answer…Food Planters?

Smart City technology doesn’t have to be cutting edge AI, Big Data driven or tuned in to the Internet of Things.

It does seem that the available (or potential future) technology can dictate the agenda for the debate around what Smart Cities are about and what benefits they offer.

It’s good to see a solution grounded in the day to day needs of a locality, addressing a real challenge with the lowest possible tech input.

The article linked below shows that it is the thinking behind the technology which needs to be smart. Explaining the origin of the Pocket Park planting box scheme Amanda Bearcroft, Amsterdam’s community economic development director is quoted as saying:

“…the city of Amsterdam, including particularly the East End, is what is known in the economic planning profession as a ‘food desert.’

Unless you have a car, or you walk up to Route 30, those are your only viable options for fresh fruits or vegetables.”

Simple, low tech Smart City innovation at its best?

Incidentally, though, same operational issues: funding, local political lethargy etc, etc….

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