Northern Powerhouse Partnership appoints its first permanent Director: what’s in the NPP for you??

Henri Murison has been appointed as the first permanent Director of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership (“NPP”) and he will start full time at the NPP in mid July.

Mr Murison spent over five years as a Cabinet member at Newcastle City Council, where he held the Quality of Life remit. He has held the position of Research Director at the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire and, most recently, has led on Public Affairs at the Yorkshire Building Society, where he made the Bradford-headquartered mutual a leading voice on Northern investment and infrastructure matters.

If you are not already a member of NPP, you may want to give it some serious thought. It is a great channel for communication on this increasingly important topic. We set out below an extract from NPP’s recent email confirming Henri’s appointment and updating on the partnership’s activities going forward, ways to be involved and benefit from its work and details of two forthcoming conferences suppported by NPP.

If you think it is for you, visit NPP at:

Here’s what NPP is up to, in their own words:

“NPP Workshops

As you are aware, the NPP has been established to increase the impact and contribution of the North of England to the UK economy.

The first NPP report highlighted four areas to focus on to achieve this aim:

  1. International Competitiveness
  2. Education/Skills
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Leadership/Learning.

The Partnership will now go on to produce further work on identifying and delivering a small number of key actions where there is consensus that they will make the biggest difference to the prospects of the North. Of the above areas, the first tranche of work we will come to will focus on International Competitiveness.

Within this, we will look at four specific “prime capabilities”, with each led by a Northern Powerhouse Partnership Board Member:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Advanced Materials (led by Siemens)
  • Digital (led by EY)
  • Energy (led by Drax)
  • Health Innovation (led by the Northern Health Science Alliance) 

To help inform this work, the NPP will be running a series of workshops on international competitiveness across the summer and I wanted to inform you of the whole programme (at the end of this email) and ask you to share with your network. It would be good to get your input into these important issues and we would like you and your colleagues to the workshops which are most relevant to you. 

Please contact my colleagues Diane and Lucy and they can provide more detail and book you in to the relevant sessions – 

Education and Skills 

The second tranche of work will look at the next key area of focus, Education and Skills. We will be looking to take forward the recommendations of our first report – namely to commission a group of leading employers and education experts to come together to draw on the latest evidence and thinking and examine a number of key issues. 

This work, which will be led by Collette Roche, Deputy CEO of Manchester Airport, will kick off toward the end of the summer with an ambition to release some conclusions by the end of the year. Please contact us if you’d like to show interest in getting involved in this important 


The NPP are supporting two upcoming conferences – it would be great to see you there:

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