Reigniting the “UK Second City” Argument. Who is edging it in the CVENT 2017 European Meeting Destinations Index?

Interesting statistic emerging to fuel the ongoing argument about whether Birmingham or Manchester is the UK’s second city.

The CVENT 2017 Index of Top 25 meeting destinations in Europe (see link below) puts Birmingham two places ahead of Manchester at number 19. Interestingly Birmingham has also climbed higher than Manchester in comparison with their respective positioning in the 2016 Index.

Perhaps the more relevant point, looking across the survey, is that London remains Europe’s top spot for meetings, fighting off challenges from Barcelone (2nd) and Berlin (3rd).

Both Manchester and Birmingham clearly still have a long way to go before they can lay any sort of claim to parity with London and that, from one perspective, sums up the Northern Powerhouse challenge.

It will also be interesting to see what the index looks like in 2018 when we are a long way (?) further down the line towards Brexit, hard soft or otherwise.

In the meantime, Andy Street can probably continue to make the most of  the “Second City” tag line and, perhaps, assert that Birmingham is never knowingly undersold….

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