Manchester: Life after Sir Howard – more of the same? Or political treacle?

I was at a dinner at MIPIM last night as the very grateful guest of Chris Baguley, Together Money. 

My place happened to be directly opposite Sean Anstee, the Conservative candidate in the Manchester Mayoral Election. 

We had a good old chat and I have to say I like the guy. That got me thinking, though, about how momentous that election will be for Business Manchester. 

At present we have the proven and dynamic leadership of Sir Howard. He has forged himself the space to get decisions made, to bring everyone to the table and to get things done. 

What is round the corner? The GMCA run by a cabinet which the Mayor will chair, but on which there is (as far as can be seen so far) no casting vote. 

Joanne will take over from Sir Howard some of his roles at MCC and Eamonn will be the carefully groomed continuity component. 

Does that sound to you like a structure which promotes a can do culture? Or is it a recipe for political intrigue, bureaucracy and inertia?

For businesses in Manchester, this may just be a bigger issue than Brexit at this point in time. 

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