GMCC – Construction Summit North: hard edge, post BREXIT

Whilst there has been some scepticism at today’s Summit at the Point, there is a degree of confidence in what faces the UK (and certainly the North) in a post-BREXIT world.

What is telling, though, is that a lot of the talk is of issues which have characterised debates around construction and property for the last 25 years or so.

Productivity, collaboration, driving down cost etc and so on.

One speaker asked the question “when is the right time to plant a tree?” To which the answer is, obviously, “Now!”.

The tree of productivity etc should, though, have been planted 20 years ago when Egan brought those conversations into focus. Having said that the right time is, as ever, still now.

The Blog’s view is that everything we knew two weeks ago that we needed in terms of the Northern Powerhouse remains the same – nothing has changed. Let’s pick up on the most pithy sentiment today so far – “it’s a question of aligning supply and demand, what do we need and how best do we get it” – and let’s get on with it.

BREXIT is a blip on the 30 year inward investment cycle on which Manchester and the North has embarked. Let’s be confident about that….

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