An idea for improving performance of buildings? Want to win a competition?

Some of us involved in the construction and property sectors spend all of our time thinking about how to make buildings perform better at least in part (but certainly NOT only) because they are paid to do so. Most of us, at some point or other in the day, muse about ways in which building performance can be improved and, thus, reduce whole life costs raise efficiency levels etc, etc.

As the UK economy continues on its sketchy and very modest upward trajectory from recession the underlying commercial imperatives around building performance efficiency are obvious.

Designing Buildings Wiki and the Building Services Research and Information Association (“BSRIA”) are collaborating in a competition to stimulate some rooting around in that repository of musings, doodles, sketches and light bulb moments that might otherwise just continue to gather dust. Submissions don’t have to be fully developed and specified solutions – it is the essential value of the idea itself which is important and so a single paragraph encapsulating a great concept has just as much chance of winning as a glossy submission with models, drawings, 3D walkthroughs etc, etc.

So, have you got a hot and clever idea for making buildings perform better? Go and look at the doodles you did yesterday. They might hold the answer….

More information about entering the competition can be found here:

Making Buildings Better

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