CIC picks up the BEPE Project torch for the 2012 Paralympics legacy 

The Built Environment Professional Education Project entered its second year of existence in December 2015. It was a much heralded element of the 2012 Paralympic Games legacy and has as its aim embedding inclusive design principles into the training of all built environment design professionals.

At the time Justin Tomlinson, Minister for Disabled People, said, “Through the BEPE project I am excited to be working towards ensuring that inclusive design is the norm in all design and building projects by embedding it in built environment professional education and training.”

The next stage of that journey is the introduction of the Construction Industry Council as the custodian of the project. 

Speaking about the handover CIC Chairman, Tony Burton, said: “Inclusive design that creates truly accessible and inclusive built environments for everyone in society, including the disabled, the elderly and families with small children, has to be the industry’s ambition, and embedding inclusive design into built environment education is an important step towards that goal. Our efforts now will benefit generations to come and add value to our buildings, places and public spaces in the long term. Let industry make this its legacy.”

And the best of luck to them!

More information can be found here at the CIC website:


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