D/Evolving Manchester Festival – MMU starts a “Big Tent” Conversation

For some time now one of the concerns lingering in the wings of the devolution debate has been that the discussion is all about business and that there is little or no information flow through, let alone any “conversation” between the civic stakeholders and the broader community.

Launching with a Symposium on 15 June 2016 Manchester Metropolitan University Business School heralds the “D/Evolving Manchester Festival”.

“We now find ourselves on the verge of Greater Manchester Devolution” says MMU, “the next step in the city region’s contemporary evolution. From September 2016 to June 2017 Manchester Metropolitan University invites you to take part in a wide-ranging festival of discussion, exploration and debate on the theme of ‘D/Evolving Manchester’”.

The aim of the Festival is to inspire and engage everyone in Greater Manchester, and beyond, with the challenges and opportunities that devolution offers to the region.
The more of these channels of creative discussion and engagement that come into being, the greater will be the buy-in and the better the outcome.

Details of the launch event are here:

Manchester Is Here

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