RedX Pharma Alderley Park HQ: Manchester sucking economic growth out of the Northern Powerhouse?

RedX Pharma is dong its bit to continue the forward march of Manchester Science Partnerships by moving out of Liverpool to occupy a new 74,000 soft HQ premises at the MSP Alderley Park site.

Alderley Park is at the Airport City end of the “Manchester Science Corridor” part of the City’s vision for life sciences, research, innovation and tech to boost growth as devolution becomes reality and the Northern Powerhouse concept starts to find some real-world shape and substance.

It raises a vexed question in the Northern Powerhouse debate, though – is Manchester so far ahead of the rest of the great Northern cities that its progress will simply turn it into a black hole sucking in all economic matter from the region and thus killing the Northern Powerhouse at birth?

The perspectives in this particular instance in the council chambers of Manchester and Liverpool may be different…

Here is a link to more background on the RedX Pharma deal at Place North West:

RedX Pharma

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