Sheffield/ Humberside – the young contender for Northern Powerhouse leader?

As an interesting counterpoint to yesterday’s post looking back at Grant Thornton’s 2015 report which considered where growth happens outside London, that orthodoxy may be in the process of being challenged.

The Blog pricked its ears up this morning when the Today Programme on Radio 4 ran a short piece on the emerging importance (in terms of economic growth) of the Eastern end of the M62 Corridor: the unfamiliar Sheffield/ Humberside Axis.

Massive, and shrewd, infrastructure investment has seen considerable growth and development emerge. The regions’ leaders are confident in their own success story despite continued mixed signals from the national and global economies. Still a long way to go, but a Good News story for the Northern Powerhouse.

And for Hull, long derided as being at the end of the road to nowhere and in 2014 it languishing at the bottom of one particular table of productive regional cities, a chance to take a bow for once on the national stage.

To borrow from somewhere else, “Hull – used to be nowhere is now here.”

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