GMCA Devolution Consultation: Your chance to let Tony Lloyd know what YOU think…

The Combined Authority’s local consultation on the powers devolved to GMCA under the Greater Manchester Agreement and the Statutry Instruments giving effect to that Agreement started on 21 March 2016 and will close on 18 May 2016.

Between now and then the blog wll look at the elements of those powers which bear on the built environment and provide some background on the Authority’s proposals.

The areas in which powers have been devolved are:

1. control of local transport – long-term government budget to help plan a more modern, better-connected network.

2. new planning powers to encourage regeneration and development;

3. a new £300m fund for housing – enough for an extra 15,000 new homes over ten years?;

4. extra funding to get up to 50,000 people back into work;

5. incentives to skills-providers to develop more work-related training;

6. extra budget to support and develop local businesses;

7. the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner being merged with the elected mayor; and

8. New ‘earn back’ investment funding arrangement which will provide extra money for the region’s infrastructure if certain levels of economic growth are achieved.

How is the Authority planning to deliver this extraordinarily broad and complex range of services, works and investment? Let’s see….

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