Customer Focus? See what that means in a top hotel…

The blog’s recent trip to Rome provided – amongst many other things – an object lesson in customer care. 

The attention to detail in terms of optimising the customer experience at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel was breathtaking. Nowhere was this more evident than in La Pergola, the restaurant which boasts that it is the best in Rome. 

Not difficult to see why. Nothing is left to chance. Every single moment from the point at which Heinz Beck greets you at the table to your departure from the restaurant you have the distinct impression that you are the most important person in the room. 

How does this compare with our experience as service receivers or service providers in the construction industry? Are we too task focused? Do we work on the basis that if the result is right, that will be good enough?

There are plenty of distinctions between the hospitality and construction industries, but maybe we are missing a trick in the process of relationship building which underpins the longevity of our businesses….

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