Devo Manc is GO – GMCC Welcomes George Osborne’s Announcement 

So the biggest experiment in devolution within England is actually going to happen. George Osborne has announced that the Government will be bringing forward legislation, to be featured in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech, to enable the direct election of a Greater Manchester Mayor in 2017.

The Greater Manchhester Chamber of Commerce (see link below) welcomes this development and will continue with its campaigning activity to ensure that devolution in pracctice takes the best hape possible for regional businesses and the region’s people.

The time line from now, looks like this:

  • Interim Mayor to be appointed towards the end of May 2105;
  • Transfer of NHS budget and control in April 2016;
  • Public election for GMCA Mayor in April 2017.

In the meantime, the devolution of powers, broadly in the Housing, Transport,  Health, Jobs and skills areas will continue, and BUILT Blog will continue to keep you up to date so do come back regularly….

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