MIPIM Day 1: Smart Cities – Leadership, Connectivity, Growth and Special Skills

Today’s activity has been framed by the two Manchester Stand Sessions with the MIPIM Cities Investment Forum Event “Leading Powerhouses of the Future” in between.

The first Stand Session showcased the Noma development and the New Bailey developments. These leading examples of planned and integrated, regenerating developments are contributing to the growth and development of Manchester and Salford.

Science was the theme for this afternoon’s Stand Session. Bruntwood MSP outlined plans for the continuing expansion of the Manchester Science Corridor including the redevelopment of Alderley Park (the former Astra Zeneca site acquired just after MIPIM 2014).

The underlying unifying theme of these sessions – a leadership at both public and private levels capable of delivering masterplans of this complexity – was the broader focus of the MIPIM Cities Investment Forum event. Bringing together leaders from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Hamburg and Manchester, Professor Greg Clark (OECD LEEDS) opened a discussion abut the importance of leadership in global cities.

Sir Howard Bernstein identified a sense of place, the creation of demand and the formation of a business model with relevance as three keys to effective leadership. He also pointed to satisfying the housing need and boosting the productivity of the labour market as two major challenges facing the city leaderships of today.

More tomorrow….

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