RIBA – Farrell Review can improve “derisory” quality of “everyday architecture”

No sitting on the fence from Stephen Hodder, then. He says:

“Although we have some of the most talented architects in the world and see many great buildings delivered in the UK, the quality of everyday architecture – particularly new housing developments – remains derisory. We are therefore pleased that Sir Terry’s Review has looked at the root-causes of this mediocrity in such a holistic way and presented many interesting ideas to help bring about a cultural shift in the way we think about and shape the future of our towns and cities.

“We are pleased that the Review has reflected many of our recommendations, particularly the focus on a more coordinated and consistent approach to design across government and the need for stronger leadership from decision-makers. This has been sorely lacking over the years and we hope that Government will map out in detail how it will take the Review’s recommendations forward. Government must not allow the report to gather dust on the shelf – they need to take responsibility for implementing it in partnership with industry.

“We also welcome the Review’s focus on changing the dynamic within the planning system, which is unnecessarily adversarial, too reactive and often fails to provide the vision required to set out a clear plan for the future of places. Ultimately, this will require a significant shift and expansion in resources within planning departments. If we believe that planning can play a positive role in delivering great places and setting strong expectations on quality, then we have to start resourcing it properly.”

What do YOU think?

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