MIPIM: Day 2 – Manchester Stand – “Big Science meets Big Enterprise”

Mike Emmerich introduced the session looking back at previous MIPIMs at which the theory had been preached – 2014 is the year that the practical impacts are being realised.


Chris Oglesby (MD, Bruntwood) took the stand to introduce the property assets which are being developed along the Science Corridor linking the city centre with Manchester Science Park out near the airport

Chris’s message was clear: Manchester’s strong delegation to MIPIM is no accident it is the result of continued investment and commitment during the lean years since 2008.

As we come out of recession all that long term strategic vision is working out. Nowhere is that more evident than where big science meets big enterprise. And It is no accident that Manchester is at the forefront.

To give some context, the Science corridor occupies some 243 hectares ouT along Oxford Road past the Universities and out to MSP.

By 2020 there will have been £2.5bn more investment.

The key feature projects are:

• Town Hall complex
• St. Peter’s square (nos 1-4 – 700k sqft)
• First Street
• The former BBC site
• North campus
• MMU All Saints campus
• MMU Birley Fields campus
• Technopark
• RNCM – Concert Hall
• Manchester Business School
• National Graphene Institute
• MSP Citylabs
• Central Manchester Foundation Hospitals Trust
• Manchester Science Park

Chris then handed over to Rowena Burns (CEO, Manchester Science Park) to pick up the story with an update on the rapid development of MSP itself.


Rowena introduces it best in her own words:

“What sits behind connectedness is a city which seeks common cause. This underpins all major successes. Manchester is that City and MSP is the embodiment of that principle.

MSP not a property business – MSP is knowledge driven, creative and disruptive.”

MSP’s perspective moving forward is to expand its core site – the plan is to drive to 1m sqft in next 8 years.

Rowena finished by confirming that MSP has recently acquired the massive Astra Zeneca Alderley Park site.

Chris Oglesby wrapped up an excellent session by introducing a film shot from a drone helicopter flying around Alderley Park.

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