Want a hyper secure FREE and AD FREE iOS/android message service for MIPIM?

One of the perennial issues at MIPIM is how best to communicate – especially within teams of delegates and ESPECIALLY when sensitive data is being shared.

There can be lingering concerns that texting may be a little too “open” and although BBM is secure, it is not always immediate – resulting in occasional embarrassing moments around re-scheduled meetings, delays in getting messages to colleagues etc.

For a potential solution, have a look at Telegram.

It is an IOS/ Android crossover app (so no squabbles between Galaxy/ iPhone lovers) and, from the Blog’s perspective it has some key features:

1. it is free;
2. it is hyper-secure;
3. it won’t ever carry adds;
4. it won’t ever be sold;
5. it is a messaging platform, not a user base.

Could it be the solution for YOUR team?

Don’t take the Blog’s word for it – have a look at the Telegram website (it is also currently being reviewed – very positively – in the Tech section of the Telegraph as well):


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