A MIPIM Postcard From Gateley….get the right crew on board

What better image to fit with the yachts rising and falling in the gentle swell of the Cannes Marina?

There is a serious message though – as George Osborne has just reminded UK PLC, economic recovery is not yet established and there remain some substantial challenges ahead.

We need more investment, all sectors of the economy need to be growing in balance, consumption and debt need to be replaced as drivers of growth, etc, etc.

The upside i the evidence of renewed confidence. We are seeing a steady uptick in property and construction activity as our clients bring mothballed transactions back on line and forge new deals. End users are increasingly encouraged enough to bring their own expansion and growth plans forward.

Continuing choppy waters, then. The need for steady and reliable members of the team to get transactions progressed and completed, on the right terms, at the right price and at the right time is paramount.

We don’t suggest that signing up with Gateley guarantees the sun will come out and the economic sea will subside to the stillness of a mill pond: but when the squalls come, or a mast breaks, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with a crew who have been there, and done that?

Get in touch….we’d love to meet with you at MIPIM or back here in the UK and in the meantime: Happy Sailing….


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