How can you best prepare for EU Public Procurement reform? Hays/Gateley will tell you on 3 October….

The Blog is proud to confirm that Gateley will be delivering a breakfast seminar on “Preventing Procurement Risk” on 3 October 2013 in association with Hays. An invitation is linked below.

Do you work in public sector procurement or do you have any clients who are public sector bodies? Are you in the private sector and do business with the public sector or have clients who do so?

If your answer to any of those questions is “yes” you or your clients will have a practical interest in attending this breakfast seminar.

Last week the EU reached agreement in principle on the nature and extent of its major programme of legislative reform in the area of public procurement. If, as expected, the Directives are formally ratified later this Autumn, they will have to be transposed into domestic law by all Member States by the end of 2015.

The UK government has welcomed the reform package and has signalled its intention to be an enthusiastic early adopter.

Anyone engaged in public procurement needs to:

· know and understand the proposed changes; and
· prepare themselves to implement them.

We will also be looking at the practical steps both public and private sector participants can take to address the risk of challenge within a public procurement process. Mis-handled it can represent a real threat to public service continuity and result in significant cost escalation – neither of which is an attractive proposition in these post-recessionary times. From the private sector perspective, challenges to procurements can be business critical: the loss of a Framework Agreement can slash turnover put them out of the market for in excess of 4 years.

If you are interested in attending or you want to receive more information, please get in touch via the details on the invitation.

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