Character qualities for business success – Perseverance: the Chinese Bamboo…

There is a tree called the Chinese Bamboo. You water and tend it for 5 years and there is no sign of growth. Then in 6 weeks it grows 90 feet.

Question: did it grow 90 feet in 6 weeks, or in 5 years?

Perseverance is one of the qualities taught in the life skills element of Tang Soo Do, a venerable Korean martial art, and this simple parable is characteristic of the unvarnished insight which it provides.

Business skills are simply life skills learned and applied in a specific context. They are available to everyone, together with the success which follows. On that note, a golfing anecdote is apt: Nick Faldo (in the version we heard!) was once told by a fan on the practice ground that he was a “lucky” golfer.

“Yes”, said Faldo, “and the funny thing is, the more I practice the luckier I get.”

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