Greater Manchester CC calls on Cabinet Office to standardise PQQ’s to PAS91:2013

We have posted recently ( about, amongst other things, the “tick box” mentality which can be prevalent in public sector approaches to public procurement regulation compliance.

Another contributory factor to significant inefficiency in procurement processes is the almost infinite range of subtly different PQQ’s which authorities require bidders to complete.

The ubiquitous requirement to complete PQQ’s fully and precisely often means that the same information will have to be re-processed on every occasion just to meet the slightly different terminology or structure of the specific question asked.

This costly inefficiency has led Phil Cusack of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to write to Francis Maude at the Cabinet Office to urge him to make the use of PAS91:2013 mandatory by authorities.

PAS91:2013 is the publicly available specification designed to standardised the approach to Pre Qualification across the construction sector.

Phil Cusack’s comments can be found here at Rochdale online:

And a link to a pdf of PAS91:2013 can be found here:

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