Will the “Buy American” Mantra sink TTIP?

If there was any remaining doubt that “they do it different in the US” when it comes to public procurement (as with insurance, but that’s another subject) the TTIP trade talks are bringing that fault line into sharp focus.

Public Service Europe identifies public procurement as the key “defensive” position taken up by US Stakeholders in the negotiations – fond on the “buy American” principle enshrined in legislation.

Here is a significant clash of ideologies, given that an abhorrence of protectionism lies close to the heart of EU public procurement legislation. Within trade agreements, the EU negotiators will want to see a two-way street in terms of the opening up of markets to competition – and that will not be either attractive or comfortable to USA PLC which sees (and we are paraphrasing here!) Europe as a market to be plundered in support of rescuing the US economy.


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