Four Steps to fix Inefficient De-centralised Procurement

The idea of the disenfranchisement of the procurement function from what are regarded as “board level” functions within businesses is one to which the Blog has returned, time and again.

Most often, the cause of that symptom appears to be a lack of valuer attributed to the commissioning/ procurement/ spend function; a failure to identify that procurement in its roundest sense can profoundly influence the achievement of core business objectives, for good or ill.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive picks up on another strand – the lack of coherence and integration of functions which can develop over time as a business grows by acquisition, or in an unplanned, reactive manner.

Even intra-entity economies of scale can be lost, not to mention the impact of the symptom of drag on core business objectives touched on above.

S&DCE sets up the four V’s which can help address and rebalance….

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