UK Government: We will be an early adopter of EU Procurement Reform (PPN 05/13)

The UK Government has issued Procurement Policy Note 05/13 in the aftermath of the provisional agreement which has been reached on revised EU procurement rules. It also outlines the next steps which will need to be taken in the process of finalising the detail of the implementing regulations at EU level and the subsequent promulgation into UK law.

The current range of regulation at EU level will be reduced to 3 procurement directives; a revised Public Sector (or “Classic”) directive, a revise Utilities Sector directive and a new Concessions Directive.

The new directives are expected to be advertised in OJEU sometime in Autumn 2013.

The PPN optimistically summarises the changes as improving speed, reducing cost and getting the right supplier/ result. Drill down into some of the detail is at Annex A.

As to transposition, the usual 2 year rule applies and so the final date by which the directives have to be embodied in domestic law will be in Autumn 2015.

The UK Government heralds its intent to drive towards transposition as early as possible, so as to take advantage of the identified flexibilities which the new regulations would bring at the earliest opportunity.

The Blog will be running a series of posts reviewing different aspects of the reform package both from the public and private sector perspectives, seeking to answer your question “what’s in it for me?”

PPN 05/13 is linked here:

PPN 05.13

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