“Winscale” became “Sellafield” – how would YOU detoxify the “Procurement” brand?

Guy Strafford at Proxima rightly bemoans the broad adverse perception of “procurement”.

We are probably biased given our commitment to the subject matter, but it does seem that the word itself has become so loaded with negative connotations that it could fairly be described as a perjorative.

This is especially so when it is teamed up with the word “Public”. Instantly, a litany of expensive blunders come to mind – West Coast Rail, G4S, Aircraft Carriers, Government IT projects per se, Fire Control etc, etc. The expression “Public Procurement” is synonymous in most people’s minds with waste, graft, mis-management and cronyism.

Those of us who are passionate about “all things procurement” (see the Blog’s strap line!) identify the central importance of procurement to business. We have opined on numerous occasions on the need to identify procurement as a board level function to ensure full integration into core business strategy.

Is the broader perception of procurement frustrating efforts, at all levels, to improve the performance of buyers and suppliers in all sectors?

Guy signs off his excellent piece with the offer of a bottle of vintage ‘poo for the best submission aimed at detoxifying the procurement brand.

He wants entries by 2 August. We will be submitting one, will you?


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