Public Admin Committee: use EU procurement rules to support UK businesses

The economic downturn and recession certainly has had an impact on how we perceive the UK’s stance on public procurement.

The shift away from an acknowledgement (with an element of secret pride) that we apply the rules where others don’t through a buzz of irritation at the news of a succession of public awards to non-UK businesses is giving way to outright dissent.

Now, as Bloomberg covers, the House of Commons Public Administration Committee will issue its report today, roundly criticising the way government handles public procurement and compliance with EU legislation.

The criticisms of slowness and inefficiency are unsurprising but a new degree of bite around the issue of favouring UK businesses and supporting broader UK economic objectives shows that this discontent is beginning to find its expression in the Establishment as well as amongst suppliers in the market place.

It may not yet be accurate to say that “Buy local, buy social” is an idea whose time has come, but at last it seems as if it may really be on the way…

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