Govt Dept responsible for Climate Change spends £1,680 on “Guardian Newpaper” in May – you couldn’t make it up!

The Blog is nothing if it is not even-handed. Having highlighted that BIS appeared to have bought nearly 240 copies of the FT in March (as revealed by its Government Procurement Card spend over £500 disclosure) it is now the turn of the Department for Energy and Climate Control to come under the spotlight.

DECC’s disclosed expenditure during the month of May 2013 under the heading “Guardian Newspaper” was some £1,680.00.

Could DECC have purchased as many as 1,200 copies of the Guardian in just four weeks? Apart from contrasting the possible political leanings of the DECC staff as compared to the BIS staff, it would be very ironic to find the Government Department responsible for climate change issues being complicit in the destruction of so many trees….

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