“Greed is Good” in business….and sustainability plays its part.

We have discussed on many occasions what might inelegantly be described as the commercialisation of sustainability.

For example, there appears to be an emergent trade to use the sustainability and related policies of a business as part of a range of measures to evaluate the quality of the management of that business from the perspective of investors.

The linked article develops this kind of thinking to its natural conclusion and makes the argument that sustainability can be motivated by self interest at the operational level of the business too.

It has long been our view that sustainability is one of those issues the arguments in favour of which will never be denigrated in public. When hard business choices are being taken in the white heat of an ultra-competitive market place, however, sustainability may not be uppermost in the decision making matrix.

Where buyers genuinely start to demand sustainability from their suppliers it gains a market currency and suppliers will start to recognise and use it as such. The great motivator of the free market is self interest.

An interesting question emerges: could selfishness ultimately save the planet???


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