Procurement and Big Data – not “what you know” but how you find it.

The expression (or is it a meme? – the Blog can’t keep up) “Big Data” has been zeit-geisting (to adopt a horrible synonym for trending which the Blog heard recently) for a while now. It’s intrusion into our consciousness is becoming more and more insistent and, for very good reasons, it won’t go away any time soon.

The amount of raw data which is being generated in our connected, technology led age is incalculably huge and is only going to get bigger.

What we have not been able to achieve yet is to develop an effective and scalable tool effectively productively to manage this data.

Whilst reading this piece on Euractiv it became clear to me that procurement needs to be at the forefront of the development of technology to harness Big Data and to make it usable. Procurement is, in many senses, all about data and the capture, sifting, analysis, application and use of that data is key to good procurement decisions and strategies.

The Blog will be following this trend with interest – it’s no longer how well informed you are (much of the necessary information is freely available) it’s how well you can sift and use the data which washes around you….

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