Insulating Public Procurement against Corruption in the EU

Attached is a fascinating report issued by the Hertie School of Governance following very detailed research and analysis aimed at providing better tools for controlling corruption within the EU.

It is an excellent resource for a number of reasons: for example look at Table 3 on page 42 which categorises the 27 EU Member States in a matrix of levels of institutional deterrents/ restraints against levels of resources/ opportunities for corruption. Just so you know, the UK falls into the high level of restraints and low level of resources/ opportunities box.

From a public procurement perspective however what caught the Blog’s eye was the correlation between transparency in information/ access to government and incidence of corruption.

It is a fundamental theorem underlying public procurement regulation that competition within markets will be distorted where opportunities to make self-interested procurement decisions are promoted by a lack of accountability and openness.

On occasion, it is good to be reminded of the real reasons behind regulation (although the report does cite excessive red tape as a breeding ground for corruption, so the message is to strike the right balance!)

The full report is here:

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