GPC: Which Hotels does the Special Adviser in the Scotland Office stay in?

Here is an FOI request which perhaps did not yield the political dynamite which had been imagined when it was made (or, depending on your perspective, perhaps it did!).

The request seeks to discover if Government Procurement Cards are issued to Special Advisers and, if so, how much they spend with them and what on.

Here we discover little more than this Special Adviser’s preference in hotels for that particular 6 month period. We don’t know whether or not the activity being supported by this expenditure may fall outside the SpAD Code of Conduct, which would, of course, be something actually worth knowing.

With the average cost of replying to an FOI request being around £200 is this kind of request really justified and, even if it is, could it not have been better expressed to give it a chance of yielding some useful information rather than simply prompting the expenditure of a further £200 on the inevitable follow-up question?

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