Achilles Training: EU Academy Hosted by Gateley – Final Module today!!

Today sees the final Module of the 6 month EU Academy run by Achilles Training Limited and hosted by Gateley in our Manchester office.

The Blog’s own David Vayro is participating in today’s Workshop which weaves together and revises the material covered by the delegates during the previous 6 Modules in the form of a Case Study.

Liz Wilson Lamb of Achilles Training has led the Academy which, in contract to most others run by Achilles has been “open” – with delegates from a range of public sector bodies participating. The health sector, the nuclear sector and the housing sector are amongst the Contracting Authorities represented.

All of the delegates have appreciated the opportunity to engage in structured learning. The concept of the Academy means that over 6 days (spread across 6 months) delegates can not only cover the core issues, but debate and understand them to develop a sound practical grasp of procurement law in practice.

If you are interested in joining one of Achilles’ future open Academies, or in looking at the possibility of hosting a bespoke Academy within your own organisation, just get in touch via the comments box below (or in confidence at

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