The Age of Austerity: re-appraising E-procurement?

This comment piece by Pedro Paulo on is making a connection between belt-tightening in the public sector and a renewed interest in e-procurement.

It is probably fair to say that local government experience of e-procurement to date has been a bit of a curate’s egg. The touted costs savings are very attractive and the theoretical model for selection, pricing and quality control (not to mention sustainability and localism) is seductive.

In practice, however, systems appear to have been inflexible, difficult to implement and supply chains have found themselves burdened with an added degree of bureaucracy.

On 20 March ( we mused about one of the unintended consequences for procurement of public sector cuts appeared to be something of a lurch back towards “lowest price” buying.

Could another such consequence be a re-appraisal of the advantages of e-procurement?

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