MIPIM 2013 – Day 2

The theme of the Stand Events yesterday was “Link” following on from the “Lead” theme on Tuesday.

The morning session was focussed on the Airport, Airport City and Medipark. The Airport is focussed on expansion (both in the USA and in the UK) and identifies the Asia Pacific market as a key target both to attract inward investment to the UK and also to facilitate trade the other way.

Dan Lejerskar (the second hardest name to type – Ruairidh Jackson of NOMA has the first) delivered an extraordinary presentation on the possibilities of 3d technology as it is developing at the moment.

There are applications under way in education (proven to speed up learning and retention) in engineering (overlaying 3d technical images via glasses to show in real time how to complete engineering tasks) and many others.

The really exciting part is that his business, Eon (not to be confused with the Electricity people!) has based itself in Manchester because of its technology skills and its proven ability to devise and deliver real world applications.

It means jobs and it means attracting yet more investment and business. All good.

And here is a view of the Old City of Cannes in the twilight, just to show its not all hard work here.


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