MIPIM 2013 – Day 1 Proper

The theme on Day 1 for the Manchester Partnership was “Lead” (Live and Learn follow for today and Thursday).

As you will have seen yesterday, we heard, at the morning Stand Event from Rowena Burns (CEO of Manchester Science Park and a director of Bruntwood) and Mike Emmerich of New Economy. It was inspiring to review where Manchester has world leading skills in Nuclear Engineering, Life Sciences, Bio-Technology and Advanced Materials (notably Graphene).

Equally inspiring to see how those skills are being translated into commercial opportunities and feeding into the engine for growth of Manchester and the North West region.

At the afternoon Stand Event we heard from the inestimable Prof Brian Cox. Did you know that bits of the Large Hadron Collider in Cerne were designed and constructed at Manchester University? Did you know that the quality of teaching and resource means that the grades required to get in to do Physics are higher than those for Cambridge? Have you thought about what that contributes to the development of Manchester as a commercial and technology centre?

Manchester University aims to get in to the top 25 world Universities by 2020 and Brian Cox made a compelling case for why that is not only possible but likely.

Graphene, a 2D (yes, 2D) material which was discovered at Manchester University is now to have its commercial possibilities exploited through a £164m investment in a combined research and development centre where scientists, engineers and commercial people can work together. Just so you know, graphene is stronger than steel, more conductive than silicone and combines endless flexibility with no detraction from its structural strength.

Learning the lessons of making revolutionary discoveries and then allowing others to take them to market and reap the rewards?

Manchester not only moving forward but leading the way was the message….

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