Achilles/Gateley Open EU Academy Day 2: Notices – get it wrong at your peril…

Today sees the second of six monthly modules of the Achilles Training Limited Open EU Academy, hosted at the Gateley Manchester office at Ship Canal House on King Street.

The subject is Contract Notices and, specifically, how to complete them correctly. At one level, possibly the least interesting topic but from another perspective, probably one of the most important.

In the current difficult economic times, bidders are becoming increasingly sensitive to their investment of time and cost in participating in regulated procurements. Add to that the benefits flowing from securing long term contracts/ framework agreements and you can readily see why bidders devote a lot of time and energy to identifying flaws and inconsistencies in the Contract Notices to which they are responding.

If that wasn’t enough, it is only a matter of time before the “ambulance chasing” tactics (involving the scouring of CN’s for defects and the touting of potential challenges to bidders) being adopted in some neighbouring jurisdictions (which will remain nameless) become more prevalent here.

Avoid that risk. Get your Contract Notices right first time….

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