EU – 100% eProcurement could save €100bn

Yesterday The European Economic and Social Committee announced the EU commitment to migrate to a 100% eProcurement platform.

“In spite of EU efforts to promote e-procurement among Member States, some of them are reluctant to cooperate and open up the public procurement market to competition. The level of e-procurement remains very low in countries such as Italy, where it represents 4% of overall procurement”, says Edgardo Maria Iozia (Workers’ Group, Italy), rapporteur of the EESC opinion on e-procurement.

Administrations which have already switched to e-procurement made savings of 5-20%. If e-procurement were to be applied to all EU procurement, savings would amount to more than EUR 100 billion.

The Commission intends to complete the gradual transition towards a full e-procurement system in 4 years. The EESC supports this ambitious goal. However, it disagrees with the maintenance of thresholds for European-type procedures. The EESC points out that maintaining thresholds would hamper the internal market and put SMEs in a disadvantaged position.

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