Civil Engineering Contractors Association backs Heseltine plan for growth

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) has welcomed the publication of Lord Heseltine’s independent review No Stone Unturned in Pursuit of Growth.

Commenting, CECA director of external affairs Alasdair Reisner said:

“We are strongly supportive of efforts to drive a greater focus on growth on a local level. This would match the government’s excellent work to push forward with nationally important infrastructure and the growth it will create.

CECA has been working with government and others in recent months to try to unlock projects at a local level around the country. Heseltine’s recommendations seem to support this work, fostering an environment where local communities will be better able to deliver the priorities for their area.

But local bodies must step up to match the increasing responsibility that they may be given. We cannot create a situation where councils and Local Enterprise Partnerships develop economic strategies that are mere wish lists of activities that they do not have the capability to deliver.”

The full text of the review is here:

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