Largest GovDelivery UK Contract to Date Signed With Government Digital Service

GovDelivery announced yesterday the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service (GDS) has signed a contract to leverage GovDelivery’s Digital Communication Management (DCM) solution. This deal represents GovDelivery’s largest UK contract to date, as well as being one of the largest CloudStore procurement deals announced since the Catalogue was published earlier this year.

Under the agreement, the Inside Government content of the GOV.UK website will use GovDelivery’s DCM platform to provide email notification services to help the users of government policy information stay up to date when things change.

A spokesperson from Cabinet Office said, “The Inside Government content on GOV.UK is where people who are personally or professionally interested in the business of government will be able to research how government works and see what it is doing. With the DCM platform we will meet our user needs for timely alerts when information changes.”

The GovDelivery platform is a proven digital communications solution driving successful results for other UK-based government agencies like Parliament, Driving Standards Agency, Department for Business Innovation & Skills and the Met Office. On the forefront of government communication technology, GovDelivery understands digital government trends, and can help clients utilise and leverage them quickly. GovDelivery will offer Inside Government users lots of choice, allowing them to receive alerts and notifications on many different topics of interest. This granularity means the DCM solution will better serve researchers and stakeholders, delivering only the information they need when they want it.

GDS used the CloudStore catalogue to procure the GovDelivery solution quickly and efficiently and aim to have the service implemented in as little as 10 working days.

“We are very proud to have been chosen by GDS to support an exciting and important initiative like the Inside Government pages on the GOV.UK website. GovDelivery will be a vital tool in helping GDS keep citizens up to date with the latest government news, policy, consultations and publications,” said Dave Worsell, Director, Government Solutions with GovDelivery UK. “We view this as a testament to the high value GovDelivery’s solutions provide in driving successful citizen outreach and digital engagement across the UK. We are committed to continuing to serve the UK and international public sector with proven solutions that scale and deliver the most value to government organisations of all sizes.”

GovDelivery DCM is used by over 550 government organisations globally to reach more people, automate communications, save money and improve program results. Government entities achieve these objectives by using the platform to encourage residents and stakeholders to sign up for and receive updates on specific topics, from road closures to health and safety news and local authority service updates through email, SMS/text messaging, and other digital channels such as social media and SMS.

For government organisations, communicating vital information to large groups of residents and stakeholders with digital communication channels provides the best foundation for achieving mission critical results. To that end, digital communications have been proven to provide excellent results for government organisations tasked with realising and measuring benefits from digital by default, channel shift, while also maintaining high customer satisfaction.

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