EuroParl Fair Trade Working Group meets over a “Dutch Coffee” to talk public procurement

Riding the crest of the wave following what has become known to procurement geeks as the “Dutch Coffee” coffee case (see post on 11 July 2012) the Fair Trade Working group hosted a breakfast event yesterday to promote its views on the current round of EU procurement reform including the proposals for regulation of third party access to EU markets.

Unsurprisingly, increased latitude for contracting authorities to be able to use public procurement as a tool for implementing horizontal social policies was high on the agenda.

Having just posted this morning on the ECJ crackdown on the Flemish localism housing policy, this is fresh evidence of the gradual opening up of one of the major policy fault lines at the heart of pubic procurement in the EU.

Is it simply about opening markets up to competition (the narrow view). Or should it be more about best value, promoting fair local and social policies (the broad view)?

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