GPS and YPO formalise strategic procurement alliance

At the end of last week the Government Procurement Service (GPS) and YPO formally established a strategic alliance to help drive procurement efficiencies across local and central government and the wider public sector.

An official memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed by David Shields, Managing Director of GPS and Simon Hill, Managing Director of YPO which sets out key principles and areas of joint working.

Although the organisations have been working collaboratively for some time, the MOU is a significant step forward in cementing the organisations’ shared vision. It demonstrates that both parties are committed to working in partnership to combine purchasing volumes and deliver cost savings that benefit the whole of the public sector.

As reported by the Cabinet Office website Simon Hill, Managing Director of YPO said: “By formally establishing the YPO and GPS partnership, our organisations are committing to a long-term working relationship. Our shared vision will pioneer a new culture of collaboration within public sector procurement, and demonstrates that we are both committed to driving efficiencies across the whole of the market.”

David Shields, Managing Director of GPS said: “The MOU between YPO and GPS demonstrates the commitment from both organisations to deliver significant and sustainable savings for the whole of the public sector while operating in a more efficient and collaborative manner.”

The organisations hope to lead the way in driving down procurement costs through pooling their resources and working closely on common areas of need across their respective areas of market focus. This will include leveraging combined spend, utilising existing arrangements, consolidating where appropriate and adopting a shared strategy for new activities.

This is the first of a number of partnerships between GPS and buying organisations across the public sector to drive further procurement savings.

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