West Sussex CC issues PIN for ICT led concessionary transport management

West Sussex County Council is seeking to appoint a single supplier to manage the provision of the administration of concessionary fares, using bespoke IT software, the production of passes in accordance with the relevant Quality Assurance Authorities and the provision of concessionary transport consultancy.

In April 2011, West Sussex County Council, (WSCC) became responsible for the administration of concessionary fares for older people and those with disabilities in accordance with a change in legislation.

WSCC currently participates in the contract put in place by East Sussex County Council, (ESCC) in procuring card production and consultancy services. that will not end until March 2014. Card production and consultancy services forming part of the forthcoming procurement, will therefore not mobilise until the end of March 2014.

However, administration of concessionary travel for older and disabled people has been carried out by the District and Borough Councils throughout West Sussex and this arrangement will expire in March 2013. Therefore administration services forming part of the forthcoming procurement, will mobilise in April 2013.

The Contracting Authority intends to use an eTendering system in this procurement exercise and reserves the right to use a reverse auction.


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