NEOPOST signs up to UK Government Procurement Pledge

Neopost Limited, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of mailing and communications solutions has become an approved signatory to the Procurement Pledge.

Neopost declares that it is in full support of this initiative and will work with the public sector to instil greater efficiencies in procurement practice.

Under the terms of the Pledge, Neopost sets out its key commitments:

1. To actively engage in the development of forward procurement pipelines.

2. To work with government (and other public sector bodies) and their supply chains to identify capabilities needed to deliver future demand; to pinpoint any capability gaps and plan strategically to meet these needs.

3. To actively engage with Government and the wider public sector in pre-procurement dialogue.
To work with its supply chains to provide more sub-contracting opportunities to smaller providers where possible.

4. To highlight good practise across government and the wider public sector and challenge other bodies or departments to adopt such practises.

5. To report using the ‘Mystery Shopper’ service, non-compliance or deviation from the commitments of Government and public body signatories.

6. To promote and encourage the use of Government initiatives in support of this agenda amongst their members and/or supply chains.

Source: Neopost

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