Cabinet Office PIN paves way for procurement of ePIMS development

The UK Government has issued a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for the procurement of support, maintenance and development services for its electronic Property Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS) platform.

The e-PIMS™ platform hosts a number of live applications, which are primarily used by UK Government Departments, Scottish Government and the Devolved Administrations of Northern Ireland and Wales to support the delivery and monitoring of activity in key policy areas, such as property and sustainability.

The Cabinet office has identified to the need to review its Management Information (MI) strategy In light of emerging policy developments and wider changes, including the Civil Service Reform plans.

Currently the Cabinet Office aims to explore with the market the potential to either continue with the development of the existing platform or to create a new platform for both the existing applications and future developments. The plan is also to explore the feasibility of structuring the contract to allow Other Government Departments within UK Government and other agreed public bodies to utilise the contract via an enabling agreement.

The PIN can be found here:

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