China to offer concessions to WTO on market access by December 2012

At the meeting of the WTO Committee on Government Procurement on 18 July 2012, China announced that it will make a new revised offer of market access by the end of this year, a new step in its process of acceding to the plurilateral Government Procurement Agreement.

China said it would take into account all the requests made by the parties to the GPA for an improvement of its previous offer, submitted in November 2011, which had been considered insufficient.

The Committee invited Malaysia to become an observer to the GPA and elected Bruce Christie, of Canada, to be the next chairman of the Committee to replace Nicholas Niggli, of Switzerland, who had held the post for the past five years.

The Government Procurement Agreement is a plurilateral agreement with 42 members (including the EU and its 27 states). Of the 23 observers, nine are negotiating to become full parties, and 14 others have not yet started negotiations.

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