£1.2m “Interactive Scotland” delivery contract up for renewal to 2015

The Interactive Scotland Advisory Service is a Scottish Enterprise initiative focused on delivery of advisory support to Scottish SME’s and Start-Up companies operating in the Digital Media Sector. A recent evaluation of the Service has shown it to have had a strong impact on the digital media sector through 500+ company enquiries.

The service has been delivered by external contractors since November 2009 where the existing delivery contract expires on 31.10.2012. Scottish Enterprise intends to continue the Service for a further 3 years with enhanced and integrated support from other SE products and services. The next phase of this project will include Highlands & Islands Enterprise and the development of more online services.

Scottish Enterprise is seeking a contractor to deliver this new phase of Interactive Scotland in conjunction with an SE project team, which aims to generate 900 company enquiries over the next 3 years. The key services to be procured will be:

— company support – Providing assistance with company enquiry validation, company enquiries and preparing appropriate referrals into SE products,

— developing active event schedules covering themes, brokerage and cross sector opportunities, in collaboration with partners and SE. Developing and managing all content, delivery management aspects, feedback and analysis,

— developing international activity in conjunction with SDI, encouraging outward and inward connections that engage partners, the company base and provide bottom line benefits to companies,

— develop content and manage/coordinate speaker involvement, manage partner involvement and coordination and sponsorship attraction for Interactive Scotland’s key showcases(Digital 20xx and Interactive Scotland @ Turing),

— SE intends to develop an online space, where research and other sector information can be held to help companies self help. The contractors would be expected to be involved in shaping and developing that model and supplying and maintaining content as appropriate. As with the nature of this sector it is expected that the online service will change over the 3 year term,

— potentially to coordinate Digital media research utilising SE resources, if needed to support the project,

— working with SE Marketing to develop marketing content for flyers, eblast, the website, and other social media channels to support attraction of enquiries from companies and partners, and where applicable be involved in the dissemination of this information,

— management/ coordination of the integration of this project with SE services and systems and required reporting.

The key services to SE will be:

— developing a network of corporate and academic partners who will support participating companies, the project and the development of future IS services,

— adding value to other functional SE teams such as Account Management Innovation and Scottish Development International and Creative Industries team,

— provide agreed support to other SE teams such as Priority Industries and Scottish Development International,

— building on the profile of the Interactive Scotland project to benefit the SME community and sector in Scotland.

Underpinning this is the need for potential contractors work closely with a range of SE teams and assist in the establishment of new project processes at the outset. There is also a need for potential contractors to be adaptable and flexible as SE ‘s requirements of the project and the needs of the sector change.


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