Public Sector Procurement in Recession: 10 strategies to be “Best-in-Class”

We are delighted to be able to link directly to this paper by BravoSolution.

As the introduction sets out, “Procurement’s longstanding focus on managing risk and adhering to regulatory policies is beginning to change. While risk and mandates are still important, they are now secondary to cost containment and resource optimisation”

  The 10 strategies are:

 1.  Transform the purchasing culture

2.  Start with spend analysis

3.  Drive political and local government initiatives

4.  Elevate supplier selection

5.  Make a firm supplier commitment

6.  Centralise procurement and sourcing

7.  Collaborate and share best practices

8.  Facilitate technology and process adoption

9.  Move beyond the technology: focus on the people, process and skills

10.  Partner with the right team


The full text of the paper is here:

Ten Strategies for Best-in-Class Public Sector Procurement

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