American Chamber of Commerce – Opinion on EU Procurement Reform Proposals

AmCham has released its response to the EU procurement reform proposals. Two headlines are:

1. Environmental Sustainability and Life Cycle considerations can, and should be driven by legislation. However, that is pretty well the only horizontal (or social) policy AmCham thinks is “on scope” for regulation by procurement legislation.

2. AmCham is in favour of support for SME’s, but as a feature of considerations of simplicity and flexibility (or, as they put it “flexibilisation”) across the board and not as a sector specific measure.

As a side issue, AmCham’s position that VfM is the driving force of public procurement as a matter of principle is arguable. It is on far less safe ground if it seeks to maintain that efficiency (in public sector value terms) drove the EU Procurement Directives.

The full paper is here:

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