Westminster CC issues VEAT Notice on procurement of Primary School

Westminster City Council has issued a Voluntary Ex-Ante Transparency Notice in support of its proposed procurement of a primary school via the negotiated procedure without prior notice.

As is expected in a VEAT Notice there is a lengthy and detailed justification which boils down to the assertion that WCC’s PPP with Bouyges to develop capital projects (including under BSF) is wide enough to encompass this piece of work.

No doubt there will be disgruntled potential bidders wondering whether the “Additional Services” definition on which WCC relies (at least in part) is being stretched a little too far to accommodate this non-BSF scheme.

This is not idle speculation – the operation of the VEAT Notice procedure suggests that WCC’s advisers perceived enough risk of challenge to justify flushing it out as soon as possible.

The clock is ticking….


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